Yes, I am a Rational Agnostic and Deist

Yes, I am a Rational Agnostic and Deist

My relatives, friends, and foes usually labeled me as Heretic, Infidel, Atheist, Dissenter, Apostate, Disbeliever and even Bohemian……  No, these are all wrong titles and medals. Now I should admit and inform to all of you including my consanguineous relatives that I am an Agnostic, and more Deist, and I want to stand with those who are forthright about their belief, and this truth has finally set me free. 

I was living a life in which the supernatural was real. Now I am free from guilt over my own nonsense thoughts, free from having to hostility and animosity with the humans who are not living the way my religion ordained they should. And I am free to embrace this one time living on this planet I get the incredible opportunity to experience. 
It is true, my Muslim faith was once everything to me and I lived a life devoted to hogwash on the name of the God, but since last decade I do not. It’s ironic, really. Religion incubates and justifies fear, oppression, usurpation, inequalities, and hatred. And above all, religion is a big stumbling block in the scientific progress. In the past few years, I have studied the History and Science of the Natural World and the Universe and Cosmos as well, my viewpoint and frame of reference were completely changed. What I have studied about the evolution of life, just does not congruently fit with the philosophy of the religions. 
Science produces and discovers Truth, Answers, and Results experimentally, using scientific methods. On the other hand, Religion Answers the Questions with no regard for evidence or congruency at all, just obstinacy. 
I still recall the memories of the days when I took the biggest decision of my life which jolted me completely, a completely different and contrary from the social norms. The path on the other side of the previous beliefs, a heritage, was unfamiliar, uncertain, and a little frightening too, but not because I speculate it was a gaffe or misapprehension to be there. Rather, I feared rejection and being ostracized from so many people around me, I knew and loved. I knew I am turning my back from a set-of-belief they still enclasped as the only true way to live. 
How could my social life survive in honesty with kith and kin cum close friends? Some were really very close companions and all-time buddies, few were mentors. These are the people I had to adore and cherish and had gone to for help and encouragement. These are the people who solace during troublesome moments in my life. I was in a complete dilemma and perplexed, how could I inform them that I am abandoning everything that brought us together in the first place? I was aware they will take it personally. 
They not only feel hurt even betrayed, but there was no way around it. My mold is not like that, I cannot lie to myself or act like someone I’m not. Since the exposition of new facts, I was no longer believing that an invisible all-powerful supernatural entity sustained and loved his creation and had control over their present, past and future. I lost my faith in destiny and any divine protection from eerie, shocking and abominable circumstances. I wanted to jettison all absurdities and ridiculous faith from my brain. 
That was a very difficult decision and a complete U-turn, but my long and arduous throes between what I felt logical and right between faith and reason were as over. I still remember that night without slumber, with discomfort, fear, uncertainty, and above all, the fissure and conflicts in blood relations in my foreseeable future. 
I am not exaggerating, when you are living in the Muslim world, and announce to become from believer to nonbeliever, hugely affects nearly every aspect of your life; as a first reaction you will face, blows of rejection. In the case of Muslim, marriages have ended over a spouse’s abandonment of Islamic religious belief, this is an irreconcilable deal breaker, pack up of innocent children and walk out. 
And if you just using the taboo word “Atheist or Agnostic” to identify yourself can make it even worse, Vis endanger your life as well. This is not just only in Islam, almost in every religion, Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, and Freethinkers all are on the same level as devil worshipers, murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. Finally, you will be prosecuted and executed on the Blasphemy charges. 
Do you know, what is the ‘Blasphemy’? Well, religion is based on fallacy and inconsistency. But it requires the believer to accept their stories as truth without any demand for concrete evidence at all, even these fable and fiction often contradict what science has proven. When religion confronted with the knowledge of hard scientific proof that contradicts religious stories, here the problem starts. 
As we know, falsehood has no legs to stand upon, same for the religion. Religions are just egregious lies and religious leaders are arch-liars in the veil of reverence and veneration, looking to an invisible, imperceptible holy being in the skies. Simple questions are allowed in religion with the condition that whatever irrelevant and ridiculous answer you get from them you have to accept and bow down your head, further questions are not allowed. BUT and this is the very important big but, Cross Questioning, Catechization, Challenging and Scrutiny is taboo in all religions, especially in ISLAM. And such person is labeled Blasphemer, with death plenty. 
Briefly and concisely, anyone who highlights the asthenia, flaw, and blight for the society of religion and/or raises difficult questions or doubts about the authenticity of religion is Blasphemer. And in a nutshell, challenging the religion or authority of its stakeholders or divulging the fallacy of Islam is Blasphemy. 
Now the question arises, how and why I became an Agnostic cum Deist.
Dear reader, the nature of our personality and approach depends on the quality and quantity of the knowledge in our brain. We are living in the age of information and technology and today technology allows every human to access to more information than richest people in just last century had. This means that if we hope to grow up and make the most of our life, we need to purposively, willfully, wittingly and systematically undertake an inveterate lifelong pursuit to gain and refine the quality of knowledge in our intellect. Regretfully, humans have opted and preferred to devote more of their lives and resources to humiliate and killing each other.
I had barely ruffled the surface of scientific study, and yet the knowledge I have gained thus far has been so flabbergasted and dumbfounded, really eye-opening. All religions barely agree on any issue, there is not any conclusive answer of any question. But science, there are accepted proven facts and applications across fields of study. I have to honestly assert that science open eyes and finally, an honest and serious reader cannot resist becoming an Atheist or at least Agnostic. 
The existence of the real creator or God could be factual, apart of the religious mythology. The presence of human suffering and pain in the real world does not mean there is no God, could be God is Cruel rather than Mercy. Whether or not we like something has no bearing on whether or not it is true.
If we believe in a God which is produced by the religions and then we look around us; we will find, human anguish, miseries, wars, fatal collective crimes, agonies, afflictions, famines, genocides. Some are men made ordeals and most are disasters and casualties caused by nature (God). If there is really a God available then the God is Blind, Dumb and Deaf. What is the difference, by keeping or not keeping faith in such kind of God?    
Another question, why does God sending children on this planet with cancer and other mortal and terminal illnesses? Why God does allows abject poverty, economic terrorism and plunder through Capitalism which is the legitimate white color cheating of the ruling class (as devils incarnate) and war crimes plus austerity to exist? If God is truly omnipotent and omniscient, then why does God let atrocious things happen, unspeakable miseries, every sense of pain, every torture, every disease, and every drop of a tear; even every animal that ever got torn to shreds? Why would God bring us here in the first place???
The only answer to all our questions is, God not available to answer them. We do not know how or why this universe was created. All we can do is look at what is here and try to connect links. The only way humans have ever gotten any answers to any questions is by analyzing the available data they have and procure themselves the answers.
Being an agnostic and deist, I categorically admit that I find enough evidence in the physical universe to substantiate a reasonable doubt that a force may exist somewhere out there that fits some portraiture of the universal word, “God.”
This leaves me further in a position of bewilderment that why a God, even ambiguously and vaguely defined, a hypothetical one, would allow so much adversity and anguish for the vast majority of the Humans, except the ruling class on the planet, is created. Suffering on this planet is as necessary as GRAVITY. And over the top, Martyrdom! The stories of God homicide “His” chosen people’s rivals and foes are just more evidence that God of the religion is mythology.
I utmost honestly tried, but I do not  find any clue or cue to believe in any one of the God of the books including my Muslim parental God "ALLAH" because no real God would be as callous and vicious as the one in the so-called religious ‘Celestial Books.’ I eventually accepted that all the religions invented by our ancestors are mere mythologies. I am less sanguine about the prosperity and the welfare of mankind under the concept of God, given by the Religions.
Now, this is not the question of whether there is God or not, the most important and decisive QUESTION is, if there is God, then what is the relationship between God and the Humans? As a matter of fact, any Religion including Islam cannot give any vivid and conclusive answer to this question, except labyrinthine explanations and illogical fallacy.
But Human history throws light and reveals much well about Human relations with their Gods. Although our ancestors have been on this planet for about six million years the modern form of humans only emerged about 200,000 years ago. The precocious age of human civilization is only about 6,000 years old and the period of recorded history is roughly 5,000 years.
When we delve our history from any corner of this planet of any civilization and put it in a nutshell, we will find that: it is full of Anarchy, Barbarism, Coercion, Cruelty, Despotism, Domination, Exploitation, Fiendishness, Heartlessness, Injustice, Inhumanity, Malice, Oppression, Persecution, Savagery, Torture, Usurpation, Viciousness, largely spared the bloodshed and chaos.
Might is right, is accepted and officially approved, Sexual predilections and debauchery of emperors and empresses appropriate. All kind of snares, evils, and menaces like Authoritarian regimes, Absolutism, Autocracy, Monarchy, Theocracy, Dictatorship, Caesarism, Tsars, legitimate Capitalism, Totalism, Totalitarianism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism are raping the human race. God has not any concern about what is happening on this planet, who is the culprit and who is naïve.
So, the relationship between Humans and God are just as the relations between the God and rocks, mountains, viz as with all non-living things. Whatever happens in the humans’ lives, none of God’s business? As happens in the animal kingdom, beasts are tearing down other weak animals, God never comes to save fawn and calves, being eaten in front of their debilitated mothers. What is the point of faith in such type of God?
Another thing which makes me Agnostic and a Deist is SLAVERY. The ancient permanent curse on humans. You will not find even a single verse or script to abolish this bane in any so-called HOLY BOOK. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism all are equally tainted by this sin, being equally complicit in this crime against humanity. Even a normal noble and gentleman would abhor and loathe with such concept, how a real God could tolerate this kind of injustice, humiliation, and abasement of his own beloved creation? In fact, this is another very big and important issue, which I cannot cover in this article.
Now, having said all that, I categorically reject all religions including my parental religion Islam and their superstitions, uncanny, celestial, miraculous, mythical, transcendental and supernatural claims altogether; on the basis that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support such perceptions. I am convinced that this position as decisive and vital to the evolution of humanity’s aggrandizement. Apart from that, I avow that religious and superstitious belief is not only harmful to the individuals but has a stagnating ramification on society. Religious beliefs and practices divide humans and encourage antagonism among them. 
I have to give credit where credit is owed and due. By nature, humans were given the best possible tools to make their life improved. We were given two bright eyes, two hands with four fingers and opposable thumbs, two legs. And first and foremost, “Brains” most powerful than anything ever discovered in our universe. In fact, nature not left us alone helplessly and vulnerable on this planet. We were provided everything we need to create a world where joy overcome and conquer sorrow and fear.
Unfortunately, we, humans, have just chosen to use our priceless tools to hurt and conquer each other. So when I observe photos, films and news of corpses riddled with bullets, raped women, orphans, massacres, ruins of hustle bustle cities, I feel immensely contrite and ashamed to blame the same Supreme Power (whatever the name you call) that gave us everything we need to fight against such baseness atrocities.
In the end, I would like to say to the readers, friends, and foes and especially to my consanguineous relatives; I do not expect you to follow in my footsteps. All I wanted that to use your own faculty of mind to find the correct way of life and beliefs. Please do not become blind followers of your ancestral religion or beliefs. 

To raise humans in a dependent relationship with a Deity or Divine Being would be to jeopardize their mental growth and keep them in an immature and adolescent state of immaturity. It would be tantamount to not allowing them to grow up and aggrandize. 
Finally, it is certainly possible and doable for a Rational Agnostic and Deist to be a highly moral and responsible person.

Thanks for your time and patience.

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