Cold blood murder of Sharoon Masih

Cold blood murder of Sharoon Masih

My relatives and opponents accused me that Muslim hatred and Islam bashing are too deeply ingrained in me, and I chose to paint Muslims and Islam as violent.

Their notions are based on prejudice, please do not assume that I hate Muslims. On the contrary, racial or religious hatred and discrimination are anathemas to me, and I strenuously resist such religious absurd beliefs. I would be happy to change my opinion if anyone argues logically rather than emotionally.

According to the news in media, a 17-year-old Christian teenage student Sharoon Masih of the Government MC Model High School, Burewala, Punjab Pakistan died when his class fellow kicked, pummeled and thrashed him mercilessly on Wednesday in the classroom environment; on only his fourth day at the school. And I cannot overlook or ignore the brutal mauling in a hate-filled melee of a despised Christian teenager, just because of his faith.

The eponymous hero would be a successful individual as his poverty-stricken parents decided not to put him in the child labor force but encouraged him to pursue higher education. According to Sharoon's mother, many classmates bullied and taunted Sharoon a 'Chura' which is a very contemptuous and derogatory term used for Pakistani Christians. It is hard to believe that even intelligent and educated people could hold such an opinion and attitude, but they do! 

After the brutal murder of a student, Mashal Khan, of the Abdul Wali Khan University, in Mardan, due to alleged blasphemy charges. Now another murder of a Christian student in the classroom is a moment to seriously think, where is Pakistan heading?

It is so distressing and poignant to hear of yet another example of this terrible malignancy spreading through the entire planet. My feelings are not because I have a soft corner for Christians or any malice or enmity for Muslims. I have the same feeling whenever I hear of this done to another fellow human being. Racism in any race, nationality, organization or religion is in my view absolutely abhorrent and despicable, we are all human beings, with the same human needs. 
I feel anger yes, frustration that we have not yet learned the beauty of living together in tolerance and understanding and learning from each other, but mostly I feel sad that not enough of us have a heart of love and compassion to be shown to all. We have more in common with each other than we have in differences. 
These manslaughters serve only to remind us that prejudice and hatred are bred into the majority of Pakistani population at a very young age, through cultural norms and a biased, highly tendentious, obviously partisan national and Madrasa curriculum. 

For a while, why my critics do not consider the fact that their Madrasa based rotten education system has reciprocally made them more susceptible to the hate ideology espoused by their rogue and hardline so-called Imams.

Sharoon has now been killed, no one can bring him back; but unfortunately, which spurred my anger and sorrow, again in Pakistan the debate is not on who is culpable and reprehensible but who is not culpable and censurable of a heinous crime.

Institutional and official discrimination among her citizens is a real threat to the integrity of the Islamic Republic of PakistanSharon's parents must get justice to prevent such terrible incidents. BUT, it is almost impossible in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan! 

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