I adore Gauri Lankesh from the depth of my heart

I adore Gauri Lankesh from the depth of my heart

Regretfully, in these days, India is arrested in the course of the rising tide of violence, threats, bigotry, discrimination, intolerance, partiality, injustice, intimidation, and lynching against those opposed or resist to Hindu nationalism or those who challenged orthodox Hindu interpretations of faith and history.   

A prominent Indian journalist, Gauri Lankesh, 55, known for her outspoken criticism for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his ruling party BJP and the right-wing Hindu nationalist ideology has been shot dead outside her home in Bangalore. And as usual, BJP leaders rejected claims that right-wing Hindu groups were behind these assassinations. Her assassination has been a series of murders of secular and intellectual in recent years.

Lankesh has never concealed her disapproval, opposition, and loathing against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ideology of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. Her Facebook posts were often engaged in anti-prime minister posts. In New Delhi, Lankesh revealed that after the 2015 killing of a retired academic prominent person, a local right-wing Hindu group Bajrang Dal leader had tweeted: “Mock Hinduism and die a dog’s death.” 

Since the BJP's ruling right-handed nationalist party came to power in India, religious violence is increasing enormously in the country. In recent years, a prominent scholar Madivalappa Kalburgiactivist Narendra Achyut Dabholkar, who spoke against idols, and a politician Govind Panser, have all been assassinated. They were famous for expressing their opinion without any fear. They were often criticized by Hindu fundamentalist organizations, such as Bajrang Dal and Vishva Hindu Parishad. If there is a controversial idea, an argument will break out which will lead to threats and murder; this is a murder of democracy. Of course, this is the work of sectarian elements.

PM Narendra Modi is nothing more than an emcee. He is well known as a master in marketing dreams and for his prolix style. He is an expert in driving people into utopia through the verbose speeches, and jargon, just tantalizing and disguising his real side of nurturing fascist dictatorial thinking. Actually, his strings are being controlled from Nagpur, by the Hindu fundamentalists RSS ringmasters. Flummoxed poor illiterate masses fell prey to his feint and ruse. I strongly believe that his false and tall promises and spurious jargons are merely a camouflage of his real intentions.

Unfortunately, they do not have any beliefs in democratic values and institutions; nor do they give credence to the Indian Constitution. They are hell-bent to exterminate Dalits (untouchable), Adivasi (the tribal population), the Muslims and Christians from India. They do not believe in brotherhood and social tranquility in society, which is tantamount to destroy the country’s social structure and solidarity. This is a looming disaster.

Their thoughts are medieval, as they divide masses through polarization based on religion, caste, creed, and ideology. They believe in orchestrated Hindu extremist saffron ideology and deliberately stifle all dissenting voices. According to their ideology, they should crush dissent; there should only be one voice in India, and that is their voice. Hindu nationalists are targeting dissentient journalists around the country. They are also attacking specific authors, progressive thinkers, prominent scholars, and intellectuals because they are fighting against Hindu radicalism- this changes the opinion of the public.  

The BJP government has taken trend against the minorities based on hatred and discrimination. Due to this hostile environment, even Hindu constituencies are afraid and timid of talking openly. Indian Middle class is also afraid and blanched of the new ideology of Hindu nationalism.

I also remember when the St. Sebastian’s Church of Delhi was put to fire; no arrests have been taken in connection with the attacks on this church or the remaining four churches earlier. The burning of the Church is equivalent to the burning of the Constitution of India, which guarantees religious freedom. It is no need to mention that Indian minorities are under pressure, under the patronage of such fascist government.

I am afraid that if India lost her secular identity and becomes a Hindu nationalist state, it will then follow the footsteps of the neighboring so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan and start abuse of minorities and dissentient in the name of defense of religion as per Islamic Sharia Laws.

These Hindu extremists are mere myopia and are posing a serious threat to democratic values of secular India, which is condemnable.

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