Our bizarre Saints and Gurus

Our bizarre Saints and Gurus

I am well known in my circle for being a fiercely outspoken Atheist, Apostate, Disbeliever, Dissenter, Heretic, and Infidel. In fact, I am an Agnostic cum Deist as I admitted in many of my previous articles. I also love being part of, Freethinkers, Humanists, and Rationalists. And I strongly believe in an Egalitarian Society.

I rely on reason and logic to understand the world around me. Humaneness and Compassion guide my endeavor to apply my knowledge ethically. I honor every human being without any kind of discrimination or prejudice and behave decently to everyone without any greed or expectation of rewards.

And I neither afraid of Hindu, Christian and/or Muslims' God, Hell punishment nor desirous or agog of 72 Virgins in Paradise after I will pass away from this planet; these are not my priorities.

An Indian spiritual Guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping two of his followers in a case that dates back to 1999.

The Indian subcontinent is a very complex society where people of different beliefs and religions reside. Among these beliefs, rests in the cradle of putrefaction, one of the scourge most evils of religious beliefs, which is going to Shrines and become followers of Peers, Faqeers, Saints, and Gurus.

The bizarre Saints and Gurus are the by-product of superstition and ignorance. Ignorant people believe the Saints, Peers, Faqeers, and Gurus help them with their prayers. In the meantime, they also believe that it is really God who helps and not the previously mentioned. So why they need these fraudulent people then? The reason is that people are satisfying their desire for a new deity!

I often descend into one portentous question, why do the people of the Indian subcontinent who are fervent believers and practitioners of religion, need pompous spiritual leaders who pretend they know everything, in the first place. According to my understanding, because it is very easy to boob a religious devotee and believer and the Indian subcontinent is awash with such foolish masses.

In fact, this part of the planet is in the throes of the worst of the evils of Diseases, Poverty, Famine, Illiteracy, severe Droughts and devastating Floods and over the top, Corruption. It is very necessary to focus on real problems which require our attention the most.

Instead to fight against these deleterious and pestilent evils, the opportunists of the subcontinent, for whom money is the only important matter; these Super Rich seduce and cajole innocent people to believe that they have sinful souls and they are in great need of spiritual healing and soul cleansing. They make these brainless goons to believe that they have divine miracles to relieve their pains, torments, and sufferings; which they might not even have in the first place.

It is very simple and easy for these swindlers and thugs because they know the basic principle of capitalism: If you want to sell your product, make your consumer believe they need it even when they do not.

I need to raise public awareness of the issue to stop believing and following blindly these downright Spurious “Soul Healers, Peers, Faqeers, and Gurus.” In fact, they are even engaged in the prostitution business, they are preaching Celibacy while having Orgies, Sex rackets covered up by cheap magic tricks, spiritual discourses, and sanctimonious pious appearance, to prove themselves as God’s beloved, selling enlightenment and materializing God.

Only due to their high intellectual intelligence and ingenious power plays they are capable to mask their nefarious and devilish face from their believers and followers. These greedy, hoggish, and rapacious so-called spiritual leaders’ hearts are black, they cannot lead anyone else to a path of enlightenment.

Hence, it is pertinent to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of the masses and expose them especially in the hinterlands that these pseudo-Saints, Peers, Faqeers, and Gurus are not only fake but also with zero knowledge of the religion; although, they are running their dirty business of cheating in the subterfuge and pretense of the religion.

It is the responsibility of a literate portion of society to educate and liberate the masses; people should realize that these Peers, Fakers, Shrines, Saints, and Gurus are nothing but a hoax and means to rob their money and dignity.

Finally, I will not hesitate to say that Religious wild Humans are our own worst macabre nightmare. They rob and kill for no reasoning at all or for the worst excuse for war and religion. Beware of this sanctimonious and hypocritical wild Humans triangle, running around and killing people and that is our Capitalists, Religious leaders, and Politicians.

A Saint, Peer or Guru can be anyone who helps us be a better individual. They could be our Parents, our Teachers or our Friends and all Well-Wishers. No one can attain Nirvana by following these deceitful thugs, they could only lead their blind followers in the wishful shelter of ignorance or amnesia by use of the narcotics.

If someone really wants to make a change in the society and gain good deeds; educate the masses around the planet without any prejudice and help the needy.

Let yourself be controlled by humanity and let that be your only religion.

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