The Real face of Buddhism

The real face of Buddhism

Talking about truth, equity, right, integrity and justice is a very difficult task to accomplish on this planet in the human kingdom; especially when your argument goes to the Muslims and it is necessary to deal with it.

This article is not being written in favor of Muslims or against anybody, but I have apprehension and regret that it will be read this way. I am an Agnostic, Deist and secular person and I am against any kind of religious Prejudice, Animosity, Bias, Chauvinism, and Xenophobia. Should the secular and realistic people stop writing and speaking due to the fear of being vilified by their opponents?

Needless to say, since the incident of September 11, 2001, Muslims have been presented as sinner countenance by the media and politics of America, Europe, and India. Regretfully, many people have acknowledged that only Muslims are responsible for every violent act of the ISIS, Boko Haram or Taliban and etc…

The popular theory of these days is: Muslims are either terrorists, into temptation or are supporters of terrorism. They cannot be troubled, oppressed, crushed, downtrodden, persecuted, and tyrannized. Hence, Muslims first need to decline their religion. Before they do, they should not entitle and expect justice or mercy from the society, law and overall from the world.

Nowadays, raising a voice against injustice, abuse, infringement of human rights or morally support any troubled, oppressed, and crushed Muslim is tantamount to terrorism.

Under this newly discovered villainous plot cum theory, those who expressed commiseration, sympathy, and compassion with the general populace who were blinded by the palette guns in Kashmir, India, were given the medal of 'treason.' The lynching of innocent Muslims on the name of the protection of the Holy Cow was advised to ignore and accept it as just an accident.

This is an alarming, direful and dreadful situation in which the evil sentiments of Acrimony, Animosity, Prejudice, Abhorrence, Abomination, Detestation, Execration, loathing Hatred, Revenge, and Mischief have taken place of Justice, Logic, Discretion, and Human mercy.

And few of our world leaders who came to power by this efficacious hate formula are responsible for this abhorrent situation around the planet.

Due to the wrong deeds of a few stupid and ignorant people of the Muslim community, apparently, every Muslim -1.6 Billion People- should be held responsible and people do not realize facts and face the truth then we are still not civilized, rather mentally living in the era of darkness and ignorance.

Although the UN declared that the Rohingya Muslims are the most Oppressed, Persecuted, and Tyrannized Muslim community of the world; excluding the individuals, any government is not ready to talk seriously about this calamity and scourge and to stop this planned genocide of Defenseless, Destitute, Vulnerable and Innocent Muslims. Their pain and suffering are neglected by the civilized world. In a civilized world, nobody should be tortured, killed or demoralized on the basis of religion, race, and/or the color of the skin.

The Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi with a gentle, sagacious face has winced and aghast the every human being who believes in humanism at her cruelty and abstaining to speak up for the ethnic cleansing of the persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority. Aung San Suu Kyi is a stooge for the Myanmar Military Mafia.

As soon as she came in power, as a debutante into the politician’s corrupt club, she quickly turned into a deep and dark sinkhole of depravity with a perverted mind. She is accruing appalling and horrendous karmic debts.

She is equally complicit in the crimes against humanity.  According to hidden agenda of Government of Myanmar, a country steeped in Buddhism; either ultimately drive Muslims out of the country or kill them all completely.

If she is honest, sincere and impartial then she should allow and ensure safe access to the area by the United Nations, independent humanitarian organizations, and the media to determine and assess the human rights violations and hideous crimes committed in her country.

This is not an eruption of racial fury from which she can stand piously apart. As a matter of fact, she is bearing equal responsibility for the crimes against humanity. She is accused of taking part in the mayhem and ongoing destruction of Rakhine State. As she does not condone and curb the violence against the Muslim minority, soon she will be shunned by the international community.

Unfortunately, violence and hatred are the inevitable corollaries of all religions; Hinduism or Buddhism are no exceptions. I am convinced and now strongly believe that she is showing her real personality of being a ‘Politician’. This is the real nature and face of all politicians around the planet.

In fact, Politics emerged from the womb of hypocrisy, bigotry, deception, sanctimoniousness, and casuistry, and she is also engaged in nothing but mere casuistry. 

I am in the state of stupefaction by seeing shocking images of charred bodies and crying humans and news of attacks and killings by the military and Buddhist monks in Rakhine Province against the tiny Muslim minority.

The film footages of the murdered children, rotten and blackened corpses piled on the ground, a ghastly sight that would affright any normal person; a terrified person fleeing then clobbered and tumbled down by a fierce blow, surrounded by mob baying with bloodlust like zombies, doused in petrol and set alight; still twitching nervously with severe pain and squirming and floundered helplessly as they die. Just like a horror movie scene.

One wonders what Gautama Buddha preached and what his followers are doing; wild monks are shedding the innocent blood in his name. The path toward enlightenment and insight that Buddha taught to mitigate the miseries and hardship of human beings had derailed into the lowest level of the hell. His own zealots ignored the sutra of loving kindness.

The Rohingya Muslim minority, remain caught between a hostile and an overwhelming majority of the Buddhist populace (the beneficence of the Buddha) and wrathful military, and they are writhing in the agony of dreadful carnage. No one agrees to say ‘Yes’ on their agonized cry. Bangladesh has refused to open its borders for fleeing refugees.

The so-called Muslim countries including the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Holy custodians of Islam in Riyadh and Tehran are playing the role of dumb and deaf stoned idols and statues. Fie on the puppet and dumbfounded so-called Muslims’ wanton and cuckold leadership of 56 Muslim countries from Indonesia to Mauritania. So far these atrocities have garnered little enthrallment in the Western news cycle.

Another stark example of derailed Buddhist extremism is the prolonged bloody civil war in Sri Lanka, during which militant monks have gone wild. They formed their own fascist political party and encouraged militancy, and campaigned for a military quick fix and final conclusion to the conflict with the Tamil Tigers. This is a common decadent culture of religions; Muslims and Christians have been at each other's throats for 1,300 years because they were only Christians and Muslims but not HUMANS.

All religions carry out the precept of Crusades and so-called Holy Wars, glorify murderous martyrdom, scattered blessings on warriors going into battle. Manslaughter and dousing individuals in petrol and watching them die, only possible by religious monsters.

Muslims account for no more than 5 or 6 percent of the total population of Myanmar, they are just one puny minority alongside Christians, Hindus, and Chinese; what on earth do the Buddhists have to fear? The paranoia seems ludicrous and absurd.

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