Religion gone wild!

Religion gone wild!

Ultra-conservative state Saudi Arabia’s 32-year-old crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman has emphatically announced; Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy will return to a country of moderate Islam. He does not clarify and define, how many types of Islam are there?

Ostensibly, he does not agree with the long-bearded narrow-mindedness, with the austerity and rigor of their own locally developed doctrine, the rotten Islamic Sharia. In the case of Sharia, legend, and truth are often inextricable. Tyranny, covered in the mantle of Islam. A medieval doctrine of reactionary, repressiveness, benighted and backward, harsh corporal punishments, the seclusion of women, exploitation of foreign workforce and a deleterious mindset conducive to the exaltation and promotion of extremism. 

In other words, the brash young man is asserting that oppressive, antediluvian and retrograde official Saudi polices and puritanical form of Islam known as Wahhabism espoused by jihadist movements, fueled intolerance around the globe is no more state-sponsored policy.   

Western media also praising him, portraying as a hero. But domestically, abruptly appointed an heir to the throne, ennobled by his father is viewed as a self-absorbed egomaniac, despotic, corrupt and incompetent ruler who hides behind anti-corruption, sequestration, liberalism and tolerance rhetoric, for the sake of political aggrandizement and massive personal vendetta.

His own people are not satisfied with his wishy-washy statements because he is not talking about socialism and democracy, humbling of the mighty, empowerment of the weak and government by consent and consultation.

I would like to ask two simple questions to His Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Please clarify, whether Saudi Arabia was following the true Islam under the rule of your ancestors which was delivered by the Prophet of Islam Mohammed, or now, under your patronage, Saudi Arabia will implement the original Islam, delivered by the Prophet of Islam?

De facto Driving ban for women in your kingdom, gender partiality, and segregation, a long list of all such thing were according to Islam or against the Islam? If they were according to Islam then why are you relinquishing? 

It is very necessary to know especially for the young vulnerable Muslim generation, which is the real Islam; yours or your ancestor’s and what is your argument and logomachy. If the Holy Custodians, your forefathers were wrong and they were just using the name of Islam, then do you have the courage to accept and condemned them publicly?

And the second question, what is the concept of moderate Islam in your mind? Are you ready to condemn Islamic Sharia Laws as reprehensible laws for humans or you will condone? Are you going to declare Saudi Arabia a ‘Muslim State’ or an ‘Islamic State?’ There is a big difference in a Muslim state and an Islamic state; a Muslim state is merely called a Muslim state because there is a vast majority of Muslims, while an Islamic state is one that runs by Islamic laws, viz, the man-made Sharia laws. This kind of Islam starts with corporal worships and ends at corporal punishments. This kind of opaque Islam could be beneficial for Neanderthals but not for Homo sapiens.      

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