We are on a Suicide Mission

We are on a Suicide Mission

Is honesty really a virtue if nobody wants to hear the truth? It makes no sense to me, even in this so-called enlightened 21st century; yet still, there are curses of famine, extreme poverty, and war. We are living under the patronage of a system which makes the selfish rich, and the selfless poor.

I am an ordinary human being who was born in the wrong place and trapped in a broken society and century. Everything is forged and counterfeit here around me including my parental religion Islam as well. In this deceitful and downright spurious system, luck determines rights and one person’s fortune depends upon another’s inequality. But I want to awaken people from stagnation and slumber and lead to the creation of new ideas and thoughts according to the need of time.

Welcome in the century of capitalism, and industrial revolution; one percent of the world population owns thirty-five percent of all wealth on the planet. How can we say this is fair and working? In this century, business and profit are intermingled with corruption and everything is counterfeit production. In this century, people reward liars and ignorance and sacrifice probity, integrity, virtue, and rectitude for acceptance; we glorify idiocy over real intelligence. The majority are being exploited. This is the reality of our time. The takers of society bathe in greed while the common people slave away. Can anyone feel it?

Capitalism rewards the wrong people. In this system, prosperity is not earned anymore. It is a privilege dependent on exploiting the poor. We are living a lie. We are part of a game but we do not realize. Some people win but most people lose because this system only benefits a few. It is lagging and it is dysfunctional.

Selfishness has privilege, portrayed as a symbol of strength and kindness is mistaken for weakness. In this enlightened era, you can be ignored for your morals yet worshiped for your looks.

Media is transmitting the foolish ideas to ignore what is important and instead follow what is popular regardless. Success depends on who you know not what you know. So who cares if you are a student or a professor, an employee or a CEO? It is the game itself that is broken.

Rich individuals are earnest for authority and power in order to be able to differentiate themselves from others. Lust for the power of ruling classes made them rude and arrogant; it changes their character, attitude, behavior, the way of living and even their language. Once having a lot of influence and power over other people prefer to be surrounded by fawners and sycophants, they shower sycophantic praise and false glorification upon them.

In this century the meaning of ‘Success’ has completely changed; we have been told to believe that to be successful we need to be wealthy. People are now defined by their financial prosperity, and real virtues like honor are irrelevant. But does having the best make us the best, or does it make us robotic clones? Who really cares about these values?

Does our education system and curriculum tailored by capitalists really teach us how to contemplate positively and think logically, without any prejudice? Are our universities rewarding degrees for education… or validation? In fact, teachers are teaching their students false stories, even though they know what they are teaching is false. Perhaps they are there to teach us how to conform to authority and to prepare us for a rotten and broken system.

Are religions, nationalism, and patriotism authentic and necessary for human prosperity? Should they be taken seriously? After all, they are just human constructs so why do we fight over them? Why do such absurd ideas make people forget their humanity? All we are is humanity, and so a person’s quality of life should not be determined by their skin tone, creed, nationality, religion or ethnicity. No one can choose his place of birth, parents, siblings and/or skin color; these things cannot be chosen. So they should have no concern for a person’s freedom or opportunity.

We are living in a very strange and crazy world where kicking a ball around a field, and players hitting a ball with a bat are worshiped by millions, whereas starving children get little recognition. Latest mobile phones, luxury cars, and unnecessary possessions are more of a concern than climate change and animal extinction. Can anyone explain to me, why is pop culture and entertainment prioritized over global corruption, exploitation, injustice, and hunger?

Why are celebrities seen as role models for promoting corrupt and misleading messages of the capitalists? Why do people adore celebrities but not intellectuals like scientists, doctors, researchers? They deserve to revere; lifesaving drugs and gadgets, complicated operations, organ transplants, all such blessings for mankind are made possible by their sincere efforts.

Oh, for heaven’s sake! Can anyone explain, why do we make stupid and doltish people famous for being vulgar? These famous people are just people. People who manipulate and trick us. What is it that we care about? Status? Image? Titles? Perceived values? These are illusions.

Although we do treat some animals well but only in the condition they offer us a personal gain. But in the meantime, we drastically exploit and kill animals weaker than us just because we are at the top of the food chain.

Is it true that humans are intelligent? Or are we still ignorant and obtuse Neanderthals? We spend billions of dollars to find life on other planets AND Trillions of dollars killing the life on our planet. We keep fracking, industrializing and burning fossil fuels. This is wrong. The rapid unsustainable growth of the population on a finite planet is impossible. We are impulsively destroying the environment of our planet. When will we act on this predicament, which will devour our planet and lead us to the collapse of human civilization?

These are the signs of an exhausted and debilitated failing system. This broken century needs to be fixed. It is time for a revolution. If you have not noticed the problem, then you have not been paying attention. We need another Renaissance. Another Martin Luther who can challenge this century to the curse of capitalism and its outdated institutions. It is the right time to wake up masses because as a species we are not headed in the right direction. We have to construct an ideology which could determine our planet’s raison d’etre.

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