Dark Era of the Muslim World

Dark Era of the Muslim World

I firmly believe that ignorance is the womb of all evil, like antagonism, affliction, torment, grief, anguish, and agony in human society. There is no doubt that Greed, a fiendish character also plays a vital role to impair human society, but it is just a byproduct of ignorance. There is a high correlation between ignorance and greed. The only possible cure is Knowledge, insight, awareness, information, and consciousness.

I also inferred that Knowledge is also a responsibility of every conscientious, educated and enlightened person, to deliver to other people what they know. An educated, reclusive person who wants to live in seclusion from the public and society is still ignorant; without delivering to others the purpose of knowledge has not been fulfilled. I also have an innate sense of moral compass which instigates me to continue my efforts with tenacity to revive the putrescent Muslim mind and thought within my capacity.        

My extensive contact, protracted arguments and discussions with different Muslim people of different Muslim countries made me feel that they are not moving at the pace of the time. I have concluded that every decade, as time passes, is worse than the one before that. 2010 was worse than 2000; 1980 was worse than 1970.

Without any ambiguity, it indicates that there is a serious problem with the Muslims around the planet. Arab Muslims are rich as far back as the early 1930s since the discovery of crude oil, and it has now been more than eight decades that they have been prosperous Muslims with immense oil resources. Persian and Indian Muslims have been rich for centuries back.

But all over this period with massive wealth and mega resources, Muslims have not been able to produce a single Research Centre or a World Class University. They are not capable to create even one distinctive scholar, philosopher, a great poet, thinker or statesman. Yes, they invested their wealth in Madrasas, Mosques, and Jihad and to create Mujahideen (holy fighters) around the planet. With their petrodollars, they immensely destroyed Pakistani culture and society. What an appalling mindset and use of wealth.

If by chance there was any admissible personality appearing in the Muslim world, regretfully it was perished by Muslim dictators, like Mohammad Mosaddegh of Iran, Ahmed Benbella of Algeria, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, Sukarno of Indonesia, and M. A. Jinnah of Pakistan. They were competent, honest, loyal and proficient modern democrats, who knew the history and modern institutions of the civilized world. But they were all killed by their own people

What a sick history of Muslims that they have been slitting each other’s throats since the 6th Century. Meanwhile, Muslims refused to move on the lines, that some intellectuals had proposed, and killed them as well. This is all because they committed the ‘sin’ to revive the spirit of growth, endeavor, and tried to develop a habit of questioning rather than blindly following. Muslims are their own worst enemy. In fact, the word ‘East’ connotes godlessness. 

It is worth to remind the Muslims that all efforts in the recent history to become independent from the colonial rule, done by the traditional Mullah leadership not only failed but also increased the hardships of Muslims as well. Only the peaceful political efforts done by the modern statesman, thinkers and politician succeeded.

It is a matter of fact that Muslim conventional thinkers always failed. Whatever Muslims gained in the last 100 years, they only gained through modern principles of civilized human society. When I investigate the cause of the failure of the Muslim conventional thinking, I came to the conclusion that they actually want to revive their traditional medieval concepts of Islam. Self-pride and justification of their backwardness are in their instinct.

No one can live in past, common Muslims or their Mullahs can admire the past but cannot accommodate in the past. Every Muslim, including their clergy, want and desire to utilize every invention and every facility of the modern scientific world and civilization. But also justify the standards and civilization of 1400 years ago. Hypocrites.

This dichotomy between their actual living requirements, aspiration, thinking, and concepts finally end with hypocrisy. They live in two different worlds; imaginary and real, and try the utmost to justify both. In their efforts, they become a compulsive liar; they lie to themselves, with the sense of guilt. This guilt makes their life worse than hell.

Every Muslim, throughout their life, is roasted on the fire of their own guilt. This is the basic flaw of religion. To overcome the pain of their guilt they pray more and more, fasting regularly, give charity to mosques and madrasas and spend a huge amount of money every year to perform Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia; but nothing works.

In the meantime, their religious leaders regularly convince and persuade them that it is all wrong to desire this mundane world and attain prosperity here. (Although hypocritically they also are doing the same). The plausible Clergy preaches to Muslims that their main goal is to please Allah and live according to his last messenger only, which they also accept as their fundamental faith. As per the statement of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, “Vanity of vanities; all is vanity. God's laws must be kept, whether keeping them results in happiness or sorrow.” Same tedious and outdated archaic admonitions.

In the first day of the life of a Muslim, they receive the sound of Azan in their ear (the Islamic call to worship). It is the part of their unconscious mind that you are a Muslim by birth not by choice. And then his/her complete life has been indoctrinated that your faith is the most inexorably correct faith. It has not any defect at all, it cannot be questioned. You cannot even think that it can be old or outdated. And you are born to live and die for and according to Islam.

Furthermore, it is a wrong world where you are living, and this is the reason you are so miserable. Everywhere in the modern world is sin and evil and great conspiracy against Islam and Muslims. Evil people and Satan created all the temptation, beauty and attraction around you to attract you and destroy your life hereafter. 

They emphasize that there is nothing wrong with you or with your faith, on the contrary, everything around you is wrong. It is a compulsion to live in an evil world.

Now, this is your religious duty to change it according to your faith. This world has to go back to the times of Allah’s prophet; the first generation of Islam.

This is what almost every Muslim has been taught by their parents and mentors.

Prominent Muslim scholars Mr. Syed Abul A'la Maududi and Sayyid Qutb both openly advised that Muslims have to take every step backward till we reach ultimately the times of the prophet of Islam. According to their comprehension, they advocate going back in the first Quranic generation era. This is what they call ‘Progress.’ They accentuate that human history has not known anyone better generation than them. In summary, they emphasize Progress does not mean to pace with the modern world.
But what about the history which reveals this Quranic, holy and unique generation slaughter tens of thousands of people in the Ali and Muawiyah wars.

Muslims are not allowed to review their history as ordinary history. It is a sin because that Quranic generation was above the law. Whatever they have done, everything is permitted and sanctioned by Allah. Even Muslim Kings, Arab ruffians, Afghans, Turks, Mongol invaders, plunderers, and rapists, abductors of naïve women, girls and children as sex slaves come in the same category.

From Aurangzeb, who killed his own brothers and imprisoned his father for the sake of power, and up to the recent Pakistani dictator Zia ul Huq, all are glorious Muslim leaders. No one is permitted to review their history, the glorious era of Muslims. What a bizarre situation that Muslims made their history tantamount to their religion. You cannot utter that Islam has been a violent religion like other Semitic religions. According to my understanding, this is a sick mentality of a sick religion. This is the sickness which makes you incapable of knowing your own weaknesses.

Let me disabuse your foolish and absurd notions. Muslims are insular and inward-looking people. They believe that the true Muslims are the greatest nation in the world and they have a congenital right to conquer and eliminate all other civilizations and rule the whole planet in the name of ALLAH viz God. Muslims have a religious obligation to conquer the whole planet either through preaching or by the sword and implement the notorious man-made Satanic Sharia Laws on the whole population of this planet.

They strongly believe that except Islam, no other religion is discernible, true or even respectable. No one else is pious and resolute, hence they are the only nation worthy to admire, to be recognized and they are selected to rule by God.

Their invasions, sabotage, and massacre in the history are justifiable because they did it for noble purposes, ordained by Allah; all their four so-called hollies The Rightly Guided Caliphs, Muslim invaders, plunderers, and saboteurs are their national heroes. all their invaders, plunderers and saboteurs are their national heroes.

From common Muslim masses to their apologists, they insanely and preposterously think and even plan to rule this modern world. They don’t have scientific knowledge and technological advancements of this age; only with their God and medieval barbaric religion cannot attain this ridiculous goal. Lamentably, they are not interested to examine and observe their foolish and unsophisticated mental and emotional processes and behavior.

Open-mindedness is considered a dire and direct threat. Muslim narcissists misquote the benevolent criticism offered by outsiders, which points out their flaws and mental excrescence, and firmly believe that their criticism is ‘hate,’ due to grudge, animosity, malice, and jealousy of the Muslims’ glorious past; this places them in a further invidious position.

When I read the history of the Papacy and the Feudal system of medieval Europe and compare present-day Muslim societies; from Indonesia to Morocco, every nook and cranny of the Muslim world; where morale seems to have reached its lowest ebb. The supremacy and terror of religion, ignorance, and irrationality are on the same optimum level.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Unfortunately, Muslim masses have been inured to Violence, Hypocrisy, Greed, Deceit, and the most fraudulent: the Corruption and its purgatory. It reminds me that this part of the planet is still in the Dark Ages, although we are living in the twenty-first century.

First resemblance and natural affinity between the European Dark Ages and recent Muslim world is obvious. No one is allowed to raise any question, doubt, dubiety and/or query on a particular belief and/or on their so-called ‘Holy Imams.' All big names like Abu Hanifa, Malik Bin Anas, Muhammad bin Idris, Shafi, Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, etc. even common Mullahs and Muftis are above the question and doubt, in the past and present as well. Any objection or criticism on them is Blasphemy. If this is the case then I am certainly a Blasphemer. Because I cannot accept their so-called "Holy books" (which are established equal to the Quran) without cross-examination and scrutiny. 

The second resemblance is that masses of the Muslim world, including Pakistan, are no more than squaw of above mentioned Holy Imams, clergies and imbecile feudal lords; all Sordid and seedy characters.

What is different from the present-day Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the European Dark Ages? I am bemoaning the fact that without the risk of being killed by the state or by non-state actors, you are not capable to raise your voice and concerns or talk about hardships and torture of minorities. Moreover, a vast Pakistani majority is not ready to coexist with those who do not believe in their religious beliefs or even consider them as equal human beings.

Apart from the narcissistic Muslim culture, there are many commemorations of the Dark Ages of Europe. The menace of passionate hatred, street violence cum lynching, religious radicalism, extremism, ignorance, and intolerance still flourishes in the Muslim world including Pakistan.

Minds become atrophied, even intellectuals are not allowed to discuss religious or controversial issues and beliefs at any level and platform; students are not permitted in classrooms to question anything or raise any doubt, just follow blindly.

Anyone who delves the history will find that the menaces mentioned above are in fact very powerful political and religious proven tools to not only gain, but also to maintain the power in any ignorant, brutal, benighted and savage society. It is true that sword and religion are emblematic of power gained by violence. Religion is a cover to justify force, to suppress the opponents, hate all others who disagree with what your clergy, by saying ‘in the name of God.’ Islam has not any EXCEPTION in this regard.

It is a crucial time for Muslims to realize their Achilles Heel; the monotonous religion. They must swaggeringly and insouciantly reject the bitter fruits of their chink in the armor. These include superiority complex, narcissism, orthodoxy, aristocracy, ethnocentrism, racism, prejudice and everything that invokes irrationality, hatred, ignorance which ultimately ends with violence and extremism; legal norms of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, ergo cut it out! - stop doing that.

After the Renaissance and the enlightenment, in the educated societies of the planet, they appreciate people who can think and able to ask questions; speak for others. They now know how to live together and share with others. They created free and tolerant rational societies with democratic values, where despite differences of opinion and beliefs they still can prevail with mutual respect and tolerance.

I would advise the Muslims to read these books as well with the Quran, Hadith, and Islamic Sharia to broaden their horizons:

1.      Natural History of Religion by David Hume.
2.    The Future of Illusions by Sigmund Freud.
3.    A Free Man's Worship by Bertrand Russell.
4.    On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
5.     Die Lage der arbeitenden Klasse in England by Friedrich Engels.
6.    The Story of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant.
7.     Devil's Game by Robert Dreyfus.
8.     Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant.

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