Natural Revolution in Human Life

Natural Revolution in Human Life

Revolution and rebellion are two different things. Rebellion, conventionally do not bring any change in the social structure of the country but merely replace the head of the government, who accepted their imposition; the sine qua non for the new government. 

On the contrary, Revolution changes social and cultural values, and complete political structure as well, like the French Revolution in July 1789. In a broad-spectrum, Revolution means an entire change in every aspect of life in the society. 

According to the historical evidence, society changes either gradually or higgledy-piggledy and chaotically within a short period of time. Apart from these changes due to human activities in any procrastinating society, there is another creeping scientific revolutionary way of change in human social and cultural development. I call it ‘Natural Scientific Revolution.’ Its proceedings and mechanism are a bit slow but its changes are rock-solid and substantiated in the outlook of human society.

Whether we like it or not, it is transforming humans from Paleolithic Age to Neolithic Age. Bronze and Iron Ages to Agricultural farming age. And Industrial age to contemporary Technological Revolutionary age. Aristotle, Plato, Copernicus, Darwin, Baruch Spinoza, Einstein, Galileo, and Stephen Hawking are the few names of the leaders of this Natural Scientific Revolution.

Industrialization was a successful revolution. It veered society from feudalism to industrialization; antithetical and contradictory to feudalism. This process of a natural revolution initially accelerated with the invention of the Printing Press and now through Social Media and the Internet. Pretty damn quick, the scientific revolution is widely promulgating and disseminating knowledge, rationally and facts in every corner of the planet to change the views about nature and the universe. It is a remarkable triumph and ascendancy of rationality, over credos, credenda, and dogmas.     

In the current world scenario, there are two menaces: Capitalism and Religious Extremism. They are the dominating threats to human survival. In this dire situation, it is very grueling for any single third world country to bring a real revolution and survive. Externally they face Capitalists and Corporate icons, strangulate and suffocate any country by imposing sanctions and embargo. And internally, planted their puppets, religious fanatics, and extremists sabotaging the country. In fact, we need a global revolution against these both evils.

Natural revolution and evolution are on its way. Masses have to wait patiently and intellectuals have to work hard for such global revolution to get rid of oppression and tyranny of Capitalism and Religion. 

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