Nature vs God of Theism

Nature vs God of Theism

I know that my readers would come to my Blog with some religious ideas already in their mind. One of my close friends says that “You attract troubles like flies to a dung heap.” But in fact, in my vociferous articles, I want to brush up on neglected areas and enable the reader to develop an understanding of religion where inhumanity and God go hand in hand.

Religion and piety impair a rational man to a beast, completely inhibits a person’s free judgment capacity to distinguish true from false and reasoning. A religious person always utterly despises reasoning and renounce the intellect as naturally unscrupulous and corrupt. These are the qualities of eminent religious personages who runs the most iniquitous system in the name of the divine light.

And such religious fool aficionados occupy the positions of jurisdiction, inhibit enlightenment and guide people through fiction, fabrication, evasion, calumniation, and chicanery. In the name of faith, they promote superstition.

I am neither encomiastic nor a eulogizer. My articles are based on an understanding of nature and reality. It reveals the truth about God, nature, freedom, ethics, humans, our actual place, and role in this universe. According to my point of view, these are the basis for sympathetic, respectful, and supportive human relationships in any society.

I firmly believe only knowledge and awareness can improve human behavior, leading to more peaceful and tolerant societies around the globe. Historical and scientific evidence and reasoning are the main ingredients of true knowledge. I am as much an empiricist as I am a rationalist.

I received traditional Muslim education. I went to a local Muslim school, ‘The Madrassa,’ and followed all Muslim rituals. But gradually I began to distance myself from the faith of my ancestors.

Although I have been educated from childhood in the accepted beliefs of Muslims especially regarding scripture, later on in life, I also embraced other liberal and logical views. I gradually started questioning and arguing the tenets of Islam in particular and organized religion in general.

I could no longer blindly follow my faith without science and reasoning. Science makes it almost impossible for any intelligent person to believe in the Holy Scripture as literally true.

I realized that God is not a being who stands outside of nature. Humans are not God’s chosen creature, and there is no afterlife to punish sinners for misdeeds and no place like Heaven and Hell. God does not grant any remuneration or accolade the virtuous with life after death. On the basis of rationality, I denounced the prayers as inutile. I finally accepted the intrinsic truth that there is not any God who to hear or response human prayers, or to create miracles against the laws of nature to fulfill our wishes.

Yes, I deny the existence of God of theism. Every depiction of God of theism as a being is a projection of the imagination, and is pure superstition; just Mumbo-Jumbo. I neither feared any anthropomorphic God nor worship nor obey. All theistic illusory Gods and religions should now rest in a museum. I can believe in an utterly disparate God, in a different sense: a God is in every being and everywhere; indistinguishable with nature.

I want to overturn and repudiate the whole system of established religious beliefs and authority. History has proved that organized religions are anti-rational and leads to the catastrophic war, violence, and hatred.

All so-called quasi-religious books including Quran are only written by ordinary humans who deceitfully attributed them to God.

People declared me an Atheist because I am an ex-Muslim. But still, I am a staunch defender of bona fide God. Authentic God (not Muslims' God) is not anything like the God who haunts the pages of the Holy Scriptures. There is not any rendezvous or hang out where God stays; no need to make Churches, Mosques or Temples. Genuine God exists everywhere in the form of Nature. When we comply with nature, God awards, and when we deny nature, we deny the truth. The consequences are obvious.

Nature is not a Craftsman, Architect, King or Military Strategist who favors believers with the Holy Sword and angles. Nature does not see or expect anything; nature judges our deeds and reacts accordingly.

My God cannot be individuated and enumerate because God is the universe and its laws. God is reason, logic, and truth. God is the vivacious and animating force in the universe.

At a very young age, I was declared ‘Heretic’ due to my inconsistent ideas and opinion with my family and society and finally expelled from my parental home and Muslim community. The edict of expulsion refers to ‘evil acts and opinions’ and my unorthodox views about God. I was blamed for propounding abominable ideas and heresies of infidels and atheists which I also practice.

I was also found responsible to establish an unsanctioned theological discussion group. I cursed and damn by the ‘Holy Men,’ with all the curses of the Holy Scripter, by day and by night, and when I lie down and when I rise up. The ensuing years have a story of soaring, unprecedented success of an ordinary person who challenged his society and chased a dream.

Whatever danger I posed to my family and society, exclusion and ostracism were perceived to be the only way of expelling it.

This is the ways of maintaining discipline in all Semantic Religions, viz, any individual who confronts with the religious orthodoxy, or goes against social or ethical norms of the community would be punished by prohibiting rights to take part in community involvement by means of obstacles, hindrances, and ostracizing. Ostracizing should not be extrapolated in the way as ‘Excommunication’ the term used in the Catholic Church. Community involvement is deeply embedded in the Muslim way of life and their deprivation will life-diminishing.

I do want to understand why masses irrationally follow a religion? Why do they stand with a bunch of incognizant vulgarians those lead them into endless religious and sectarian conflicts? And why do the majority of masses long for less freedom and tolerance by fighting in the name of God?  It is not necessary that they do have some philosophical background, or wisdom like Plato, Aristotle, and Averroes or like RenĂ© Descartes to understand such a simple matter. I wonder, why masses distract from joy and love towards hatred and resentment?

When I delve the history, I find the answers; for ensuring the continuance of their own power both the Holy Custodians and the State encourage the masses to remain irrational and powerless, and discouraged from using their reason. Their ultimate goal is obvious; consigned them to a lifetime of servitude and enslavement; which they do not only tolerate blithely but actively fight for it as well.

Religion cannot reconcile or assuage with reason, and science. The ‘Reasoning’ cannot flourish without freedom of expression, liberal democracy, and rejection of superstition. In all Muslim countries from Indonesia to Mauritania, political and social conditions are not in favor of any such enlightenment. Muslims should develop an understanding and importance of reason in their life.

Anachronistic theology is distinct from science and philosophy. Any natural event whose causes are unknown, religion attributes it as a ‘Miracle,’ a divine intervention.

I am also keen to thwart and openly undermine the idea of prayers; individual or collective appeals to a deity to change the laws of the universe. I argue, the very idea is preposterous! Calling prayers is the protest against the Laws of Nature. The vocation of human beings tries to understand the laws of nature and how the universe works, and then embrace it; with noble countenance. Prayers are absolutely futile, persuade God against the reasoning and laws of nature, to bending the rules of existence.

We pray due to our problems. There are two types of our problems; Personal and Social. Personal problems are related to mainly health, love affairs, sentiments, and relations, etc... God cannot do anything in all of them anywise, ever. Love, hatred, relations, sentiments; we have to control and manipulate them shrewdly; the con clergy only beguile these human emotions.

Health-related problems can be solved only by scientific research and innovations. To achieve triumph in this kind of problems, we need Laboratories, neither Temples, Mosques nor Churches. We need Scientists, Researchers, neither Clergy, Mullah, Mufti, nor a Pundit. The rest of the human problems are due to our greed, avarice, erroneous and abysmal Social Systems, debauched and corrupt global Political and Economic Systems. God of theism cannot do anything in this regard.

Unfortunately, and unfairly we constrain and confine God with the religion. Whenever we discuss God, we traditionally discuss in the context of only religion; in the periphery of some buildings, like Mosques, Churches, Temples, etc. Or in the holy books like the Bible, Quran, and the Vedas, etc.

Well, honestly, genuinely, and sincerely I also studied these so-called Holy Scriptures. As a matter of fact, in these Holy Scriptures, I do not find the character of God as ‘The Creator of this Universe.’ I find only Mumbo-Jumbo rapacious God, who persuade to humans by the greed of Heaven cum 72 Virgins, and threats of Hellfire; and veritable Fairy Tales.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that the only way to interpret a legitimate God is to understand how the universe work and factuality of life. When we lost in contemplation of Natural Sciences, Philosophy, and Psychology then we perceive God precisely. Science contains a whole lot more wisdom than the banal Holy Scriptures. Science gives freedom to humans from Guilt, Sorrow, Pity, Shame, and Prayers. Science replaces the Mumbo-Jumbo Gods of superstitions with a wise and judicious one.

Unfortunately, authentic God does not approve special favors for believers. Happiness involves aligning our prayers and wishes with that of the Law of the universe or nature.

In other words, anyone who has even little acquaintance with science will not ask any boon to accommodate his wishes. Against the traditional religion, there is no place for human wishes, longings, and yearnings in this Universe, we have to understand, obey, and adhere to the rules of nature; this is the only response of prayers, this is the divine plan.

I want also to crack logjam in Muslims’ thinking that all human beings, not only Muslims, could have access to absolute truths, whenever they made use of reasoning.

The world’s preeminent Philosophers and Thinkers have not been Muslims. Noble notions and thoughts can come from any quarter, creed or background. This is not the matter. This is an irrefutable truth that the universe could be explored through reasons, not by faith.

The Universe is very much Secular in nature.

Muslims’ Caliphate initially had also burgeoned by being secular, thrived and proliferated with new scientific ideas and philosophy. But the scenario had changed as soon as the obsessive, fanatical and incorrigible religious Caliphs, the fervent supporter of the dogmatic and oppressive type Islam came in power. Since then there is no place for a Reason and Philosophers like Averroes in the Muslim world. They deported the Wisdom, Intelligence, Reasoning and Rationality from their ‘Holy Lands,’ hence they are suffering from the stultification.

Muslims are the candid and aboveboard example that how a world-dominating civilization has been and is still being harmed by their refusal of Truth and Rationality.

Human history reveals that delusional department of religion is the main culprit and responsible for most of the human disappointed ambitions, frustrations, and sorrows. To avoid further Wars, Hatred, and Catastrophes on this planet, we have to move towards Functional Secular Systems and Societies.

Religion rejects the values that unify humans and instead pledged to follow Holy Scripture that issue decree to its followers to wage war against non-believers and secular systems. People stuck with their beliefs and outmoded religion because of Blind Faith, Emotions, Traditions, and Fears.

I believe, my articles will convince even a few to think wisely about Traditional Religion and to move towards a rationalist, the wise scientific system of belief.

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